Sunday, February 24, 2008

Inside the guts of our show

Linda and the red carpet

Blowing Oscar, then cleaning up!

The best sushi experience EVER!!!

Last night I had the most amazing dinner in LA.  The guys JD & I met in Park City during Sundance while watching the playoffs took me to a little hole in the wall sushi bar.  Authentic japanese sushi bar - no funky rolls, no menu, no white people...awesome!!!!

Basically, I walk in and write my name and the # in my party on a dry erase board.   They seat you at the bar and don't offer you a menu.  We ordered sake,  and there is no list, they just bring you a large glass of cold sake.  I told the sushi chef what I liked and had him make me a huge plate of sashimi.

Two people ordered 8 glasses total of sake, we ate sushi and sashimi til we were stuffed and the final bill was $75.32.  Seriously, I eat $75 worth at lunch.  All the fish was cheap and amazing and the sake was cheap and amazing.  

If you're even in LA, go to Noshi Sushi on the corner of Beverly and Hobart!

Friday, February 22, 2008

In and around the Red Carpet

Here's really what you don't see...tons of broadcasters from all over the world are on the red carpet, on the overhang, and cameras are all over the roofs as well.

Tomorrow, you'll see more lights, more stuff, but with the bad weather they will probably wait til the last minutes to unveil the statues, put out the flowers and roll out the real red carpet.

Home away from Home

Fan areas, Oscar under wraps and rooftops